Richard Cronin Fexco

Richard Cronin - Bio


Born in 1973, Richard Cronin was educated in Christchurch. Richard has travelled extensively and has also lived in London, Melbourne, Auckland and Nelson.

Richard started his working life in Christchurch as an installer of SKY TV systems in 1992. He found from the start of his working life that he easily made connections and networked at every chance. After almost two years at SKY TV he decided to pursue a career in business and enrolled in the National Certificate of Business Studies at CPIT. During his studies he started working part time at Coca-Cola where a summer job quickly turned into the start of a career in Sales and Marketing. After spending a year in London he returned to join DB Breweries where he developed his business knowledge and relationship skills. After DB he worked for several companies for periods of six months – two years before finding his niche in owning small businesses and working as a contract Sales & Marketing Manager.


Richard currently works for FEXCO PACIFIC, a financial services company (an Irish based multi-national) as the Southern Regional Manager. FEXCO PACIFIC offers currency and remittance solutions to businesses and persons throughout the South Pacific, through over 50 branches with around 180 staff. He joined FEXCO PACIFIC in December of 2011 and very quickly engaged with the NZ RSE programme. The RSE programme is a seasonal labour scheme with up to 10,000 participants coming from nine South Pacific countries. He became heavily involved in RSE with employers, industry groups and governance organisations. Today he has two businesses which operate exclusively within RSE, Turtle Box (Seasonal Pacific Ltd) which offers an exclusive RSE freight service to Vanuatu, Solomon Island, Kiribati, Tonga and Samoa. The other business being Roving Radler Properties Ltd which offers seasonal workers accommodation in Blenheim.


Richard resides in Christchurch which has always been home with his wife of 14 years, Mandy and their Black Labrador” Rove”.

He is committed to growing and developing the businesses he’s involved with in the South Pacific. In recent years he has managed to establish good working relationships all over the South Pacific from Heads of Government to Taxi drivers at airports. By joining the New Zealand Pacific Business Council (NZPBC) he would add value in continuing to network throughout the South Pacific and collaboratively work for the betterment of both NZ and South Pacific based businesses. He has already had the opportunity to visit many isolated communities in the South Pacific and has built a clear understanding of the difficulties faced by businesses from both ends. While his first focus is around business he strongly believes you must have an understanding and consideration for equality, social issues and the environment throughout the South Pacific.