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Daniel Ludlam

Timber Barron, Papakura Timber Processors

Daniel is the Director for 'Timber Barron, Papakura Timber Processors'. He has over 10 years’ experience supplying building materials into the South Pacific Islands, building long term relationships with a large range of key clients and stakeholders across the South Pacific.

Daniel works across all areas of the supply chain management, from sourcing, customer processing through to shipment negotiations and dealing with his customers and their customers in the market. Timber Barron supplies a large range of bulk building materials including Timber, Plywood, Mouldings, Hardboard, Fibre Cement Products, Cement and Steel Products. Daniel has a strong interest and extensive experience in the Pacific region and ensuring its growth and prosperity. This led Daniel and his business partners to acquire one of their key processing plants Papakura Timber Processors in 2017 to ensure a continued supply of quality products that meet the markets needs.

He is well regarded for his deep experience problem solving, negotiating and advising on all things business with a wealth of knowledge and experience in bulk building materials from sourcing and supply chain management through to sales, marketing and distribution to end users in a diverse range of markets.

Daniel is driven by the success of the pacific which holds a special place in his heart, and will be more than happy to assist anyone who is looking to get involved in any part of bi-lateral trade with the Pacific Islands.



+64 21 446 293

Daniel Ludlam
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