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Joanna Bourke

CocoNew - The Agency

CocoNew – The Agency is headed up by brother and sister duo Jack and Joanna Bourkebased in Tamaki Makarau.

Our business is to create impact for our partners. Our core activities are brand development,marketing and campaign management, communications and social media.

Together we have spent the last decade working and living in the Carribbean and the Pacificand we both have a wide network that covers government right through to the grass rootslevels.

We have experience in communicating and connecting these key segments to each otherlocally and internationally.

We work with telcommunications, farmers, tourism and hospitality businesses right throughto government and the arts and provide mentoring to business operators and rising stars.

CocoNew – The Agency provides a ‘fresh’ approach to business – and we encourage openlines of communication and collaboration for a successful relationship.

We welcome all connections whether it be online or in person. We see ourselves as partnerscollaborating to achieve a common vision.



Joanna Bourke
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