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Kayhan Khadem

ProDesigners Architects Ltd

Kayhan Khadem is naturally proud of his company’s contribution to the development within the Pacific area.


Currently, he serves as the Honorary Consul for the Solomon Islands and as an Executive Committee member within the NZPBC.

Kayhan graduated with a Bachelor Architecture Degree and Master Diploma in Community Architecture (Town Planning). He is the owner and General Manager of ProDesigners Architects Ltd, an architectural company, founded 38 years ago in the Pacific area and 24 years ago in Auckland, New Zealand.

The architectural team consists of twenty-four architects and designers across all the offices in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Timor L’Este and the head office in Auckland, New Zealand.

Prodesigners Architects has considerable experience in commercial and residential developments. They efficiently produce working drawings for construction and for local authority applications. Their project experience covers hospitality, commercial, education, industrial, health, residential apartments and residential houses sectors.


Currently they are working on 2 hospitals, a few large resorts and a big market development center (Gordon Market) in Papua New Guinea; a Commercial Building in the Solomon Islands; a food court and several other commercial buildings in Fiji; and schools, kindergartens, residential and commercial projects in New Zealand.


With over 1000 projects completed to date, he feels profoundly connected to most countries in the Pacific area.


Kayhan Khadem
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