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2022 Pacific Labour Mobility Annual Meeting Outcomes

The 2022 Pacific Labour Mobility Annual Meeting (PLMAM), held on 7 - 10 November 2022 in Apia, Samoa, reached consensus among 14 countries on agreed regional labour mobility priorities for FY2023/24. A range of initiatives were collectively identified, aimed at increasing development benefits for participating countries while addressing identified risks. The 2022 PLMAM Outcomes Document summarises the agreed decisions derived from dialogue during the four-day meeting.

The PACER Plus Arrangement on Labour Mobility (ALM), which provides for the PLMAM, is a regional framework for labour mobility cooperation.

The agreed outcomes from the PLMAM are regional activities that address common issues raised by participating countries and stakeholders. These agreed activities include:

-the development of processes for worker welfare and well-being to address welfare risks in sending and receiving countries

-development of a cultural framework to assist employers increase their understanding of cultural differences

-development of a worker education framework to foster the systematic development of worker skills

-development of a reintegration strategy to guide the integration of returning workers into local labour markets

-inclusive consultations between labour sending and receiving countries to align labour mobility opportunities with supply priorities and capacities in sending countries to address skills drain risks

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