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Australian Foreign Minister visits Majuro, Nauru

Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong arrived in the Marshall Islands this week to mark the 35th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Her arrival in Majuro Wednesday night marked her first visit to the North Pacific since taking up her position in May. It is Wong's second visit to the Marshall Islands as she joined former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on a visit in 2018.

"This week I will travel to the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Republic of Nauru to further strengthen Australia's ties with our Pacific family," said Wong in a statement posted Wednesday afternoon on her official website.

"I am so pleased she will be here in person to celebrate our 35th anniversary in diplomatic relations," said Australia Ambassador to the Marshall Islands Brek Batley Wednesday. "She will learn more about the wonderful 'iokwe' spirit and build even closer friendships."

Batley is Australia's first resident ambassador to the Marshall Islands and established his nation's first embassy in Majuro in 2021. Thursday afternoon this week, Wong is scheduled to officially open the embassy that has been in operation since last year.

"This important trip is about enhancing our security, environmental, cultural and economic partnerships with the Marshall Islands," said Batley. "It's also about building stronger people-to-people links with Australia, which is the bedrock of any enduring relationship."

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