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New platform gives insight into impact of climate crisis on Pacific people

A new platform to give world leaders a glimpse of the realities of climate-related issues in the Pacific has been launched at COP27 in Egypt.

Whatever comes out of the climate conference, as it heads into its second and final week, will have a significant impact on the way of life for Pacific peoples for years to come. This includes climate mobility for Pacific nations grappling with extreme climate-weather.

Pacific nations do not have the luxury of time, and preparations for relocation will soon begin, if not already. In order to hear the voices of its people before making policies that will impact generations, a platform called Frontline Truths aiming to tell Pacific stories was launched at COP27 on Friday local time. Asia Pacific communications manager Drue Slatter said movement and adaptation were rooted in the origins of Pacific people, but a new wave of movement brought about by the climate crisis was fast becoming a reality.

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