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Pacific aviation is struggling after the pandemic – how can the 'blue continent' stay connected?

With Samoa fully reopening its borders on 1 August, another Pacific country moved tentatively forwards after two years of border closures and little or no international tourism.

But opening up is not as simple as flipping a switch, given the many challenges facing Pacific aviation. Rising fuel costs, mounting debt, management issues and a shortage of pilots have all plagued the industry in the region.

Climate change adds to these problems. Tourism aside, small island nations with very small economies, spread across a vast expanse of ocean, depend on high carbon-emitting air transport for health, trade and family connections.

These days, most Pacific national airlines are being kept afloat by government loans and guarantees - and in Fiji's case, workers' pension funds. With Pacific Forum economic ministers meeting in Vanuatu from today, all these issues should be high on the agenda.

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