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Pacific nations find hope despite pushback on loss and damage

Days into the climate talks and Pacific Island countries have already been strong-armed into taking the short end of stick.

While the inclusion of loss and damage for developing countries on the agenda for COP27 has been labelled a momentum shift, the reality for compensation and liability funding for vulnerable islands will not be realised in this meeting.

Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, Programme Adviser - Resilient Development Finance, Karlos Moresi said there was a pushback from developed countries.

Moresi said the Pacific states argued for the inclusion of compensation or liability as a sub-item on the agenda, but after hours of negotiation the argument fell short.

"We may have conceded on the compensation and liability text, but we still managed to get Loss and Damage included on the Agenda" explained Moresi.

Fiji's special advisor on Climate Change and Loss and Damage, Daniel Lund, said "there is a latency of ambition that is hitting the poorest the hardest".

When asked if there were any compromises to get loss and damge onto the agenda, Lund said "we've been compromising for three decades".

Moresi said while some people may view the wording as a cop-out, the Pacific saw this as a doorway to hope.

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