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Pacific nations seeking $70M from Green Climate Fund for fisheries adaptation

Fourteen Pacific Islands countries are working together on a unique application to access a $US70 million grant from the Green Climate fund for fisheries adaptation.

There are two parts to the proposal.

First, acknowledging the burden of growing Pacific populations on coastal fisheries and increasing access to tuna to fill the gap in fish supply.

And second, to develop an advanced warning system based on improved modelling that will enable Pacific countries to better track the predicted redistribution of tuna eastwards as a result of climate change impacts.

One of the proponents of the application Pacific Community fisheries adviser for climate, Ludwig Kumoru, said it was important to start thinking outside the box when it comes to climate impacts.

"You know we have focussed a long time on fisheries, just the impacts of fishing on fish stocks but these days we know that climate is also playing a role in what happens to the fish stocks. So, we have got to bring that discussion within fisheries management discussions," Kumoru said.

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