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Preliminary census results in the Marshall Islands show poverty worry

Preliminary data released by the Marshall Islands government from its late 2021 national census indicates rampant poverty in the north Pacific nation.

Coupled with the UNICEF-Ministry of Health study in 2017 that showed 35 percent of children from birth to five years old were malnourished and evidenced growth stunting, the national census points to the cause of massive out-migration that has seen the country's population plummet by 20 percent since the last census.

Together, the early childhood malnutrition findings and the national census report paint a troubling picture about quality of life for a large percentage of the population in the Marshall Islands.

Nearly half of all families in the Marshall Islands worry about not having enough food to eat, while one-in-three households said they sometimes "go without eating for a whole day." These are among the preliminary results of the Marshall Islands national census conducted late last year that have been released by the government's Economic Policy, Planning and Statistics Office's.

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Fakaaue Lahi oue tulou!

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