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PTI Australia’s Pacific Islands Export Survey 2022

Running biannually since 2014, the Pacific Islands Export Survey is a vital window into the activities and the opinions of exporters in the Pacific Islands.

The 2022 Export Survey continues to track and measure Pacific export revenue, future expectations, key markets, impact of extreme weather, barriers to export, and awareness and benefit of Free Trade Agreements.

In recognition of the COVID-19 pandemic across the region, this survey also provides an important lens to understand the effect COVID-19 had on Pacific exports, and an expansion of questions on ecommerce.

Key findings include:

  • Business confidence among Pacific exporters has increased despite challenging environmental and economic conditions.

  • Just under three quarters of Pacific exporters have been impacted by extreme weather patterns over the past year.

  • Exporters are increasing trade to new regions, both globally and within the Pacific Islands.

  • Cost of export and logistics remain key challenges for Pacific exporters.

Read the Pacific Islands Export Survey 2022 - Report (67 pages) HERE

For ease, there is a condensed version, showcasing the highlights of this year’s report HERE

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