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PTI's Pacific Business Monitor - Recovery Series Q2 2022 is now available

This is the second report of the Recovery Series, which continues to provide longitudinal quantifiable data on the impact of COVID-19 on Pacific businesses, and now tracks quarterly revenue, as well as attitudes and responses towards building back better and business enthusiasm.

As we move further into the third year of the pandemic, the health crisis and its associated economic strains continue to prove challenging, taking a toll on countries, communities and businesses across the Blue Pacific.

However, this wave shows that while the negative impact of COVID-19 on businesses across the Pacific remains severe, confidence of business survival amongst respondents is high, with 90 per cent confident that they will survive the COVID-19 crisis - the highest figure since tracking began.

In line with this positive outlook, the Q2 report shows that while 91 per cent of Pacific businesses have faced negative impacts due to COVID-19 over the quarter, 83 per cent of respondents felt confident that their business will build back stronger.

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