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Safety system implemented on Covid-free Tokelau as workers return home

With Covid 19 restrictions relaxed, Tokelau which remains Covid-19 free, has opened its borders to allow essential workers to return to the atolls.

The general manager of the Apia based Office of Tokelau Aukusitino Vitale said that they have been planning the repatriation process for returning Tokelauans, who will arrive via passenger boat. The last repatriation was in early 2021.

"We're comfortable with how this is progressing," he said.

The first passengers to arrive were a nurse and a telecommunications contractor. In preparation for their arrival Alapati Tavite, Tokelau Deputy Director of Health, carried out a vital safety briefing:

"We sat down with the workers and talked, just reminding the workers of the safety measures as usual, but we have had time to get used to this new working system so I'm confident everyone knows what to do," Tavite said.

This arrival comes six months after the last passenger boat, in March of this year.

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Vinaka vakalevu!

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