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Te Vaiaho o te Gagana Tokelau – Tokelau Language Week is under way!

Fakamālo atu kia te koutou uma!

This year's theme for Te Vaiaho o te Gagana Tokelau – Tokelau Language Week is "Halahala ki vavau, kae ke mau ki pale o Tokelau" which means "To plan for the future is to understand the past."

The theme connects to the overall theme for this year’s Pacific language weeks ‘sustainability’ and the launch of the UNESCO Decade of Indigenous Languages.

To preserve our language, it’s important that we acknowledge and understand our past to move forward with confidence as a community in Aotearoa New Zealand. For our language to be sustained it requires a collective approach, effort and skill by our people. When we plan for the future, we are able to work together in harmony for the sustainability of the Tokelau Language. Our language and traditional ways of strengthening our identity.

According to UNESCO, the language is classified as severely endangered. There are few opportunities to learn the language in the community or through formal education in Aotearoa New Zealand. However, Gagana Tokelau has recently been approved as a new NCEA-accredited subject.

Activities and events are being hosted throughout Aotearoa to embrace Te Vaiaho o te Gagana Tokelau – Tokelau Language Week. Connect online by visiting the official NZ Tokelau Language Week Facebook page, HERE

Read more via the link HERE


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