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US to commit more aid to Pacific

Talofa koutou!

The United States is preparing to commit a lot more aid to the Pacific.

As its first-ever summit with Pacific Island countries came to an end, it unveiled aid and development commitments of $US810 million.

In a media release, the US said this commitment includes a series of ambitious initiatives to meet Pacific priorities.

A significant part of it, the $US600 million Economic Assistance Agreement, will be spread over ten years and mostly go towards the South Pacific Tuna Treaty.

This treaty controls access for American trawlers into the waters of the Pacific nations.

Washington, which has already committed to open new embassies in Tonga, Kiribati and Solomon Islands, will also grant sovereign status to New Zealand realm countries, Niue and the Cook Islands.

There will be $US130 million to try to counter climate change and a commitment to finding another $US400 million for this purpose from private investors.

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