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Semisi Hutchison

Business Founder, Little & Brave Eco Nappies

Giles Jephcott

NZPBC Chair, Managing Director, Astrolabe Shipping

Stuart Mockett

General Manager, International Markets, Beca

Annabelle Therese

Accountant, Chartered Accountants Ltd

Charlotte Newton-Smith

Market Analyst - Australia Pacific, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

Terry Teoh

Market Manager - Australia Pacific, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

Christine Connon

NZPBC Secretary, Business Council Manager, Auckland Chamber of Commerce

Wijnand Udema

Pacific/Technical Director, GHD Principal

Karan Prasad

Chartered Manager

Grace Schaefer

Strategic Business Development Director, Tonkin & Taylor

Matthew Stroud

Director, Global Imports & Exports

Catherine Sumpter

NZPBC Vice Chair, Senior Lawyer, Sumpter Law

Nicole Metzger

Managing Director, South Seas Exports

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