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Call for better infrastructure following Vanuatu election

A Vanuatu Mobile Force's officer who risked his life wading through chest-high water carrying ballot boxes, is calling on the new government to fund new bridges and roads for residents of central Santo.

Private Samuel Bani is part of the Vanuatu Mobile Force (VMF), a group of volunteers in Vanuatu's military who support the Vanuatu Police.

He was one of hundreds making sure the 2022 election was possible by delivering ballot boxes to remote areas.

Some were sent by helicopter, others by truck and in some cases the journey was made by foot.

"The journey was so slippery - the road was flooded, there was no bridge, so we had to cross the river by foot. At some points the river reached my chest. It's so dangerous while it's raining," Bani said.

"The journey was so tough, the current is so strong. We nearly lost the ballot boxes because the tide was so strong, it's so dangerous," he said.

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