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Vanuatu minister says harvests will take time to recover after cyclones

Vanuatu's Minister of Climate Change warns "there's going to be a lot of hardship" for people waiting for their crops to grow back as dry rations are distributed to communities.

Ralph Regenvanu said the main food push started in the middle of last week, with only a small amount of supplies being handed out in the immediate aftermath of the severe back-to-back cyclones.

He said there's been logistical issues in getting the food distributed, but dry rations should reach everyone in the two worst affected provinces, Shefa and Tafea, by the end of this week.

"It's not really ideal but it's still within the timeframe we've set which is three weeks from the cyclone and those three weeks end about now," Regenvanu said.

"People are frustrated, they're waiting for food, some are waiting for shelter and supplies so they can rebuild."

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